Talent recruitment

  • Active Job offers

  • Development of the candidate's profile

  • Selection of candidates


  • Acquisition, sale and / or corporate mergers

  • Opening of subsidiaries

  • Search for funds of investors

  • Development of internal protocols

  • Joint Venture

  • Strategic Plan

  • Marketing Plan

Domestic and International development

  • Opening new markets

  • Search of new brands

  • Survey and market research

  • Business Development Plan

Internet & social communities

  • Activating social network

  • Development of website

Private label and manufacturing

  • Development and support for the creation of new brands

  • Selection of manufacturers

  • Selection of suppliers


  • In site inspection

  • Mystery shopping

  • Projects of franchising

Mentoring and training

  • Management level

  • Executive level

  • Marketing

  • Sales

Ad hoc services

SZM Consulting is interested to provide any type of service according to the needs and requirements of each of our clients.